Serving the Private and Home School Communities since 2010

Currently serving in Monterey Bay Area and Sacramento/Yolo Counties

It is vital to help engage and empower students to "fuel up" with the nutrient-rich foods they often lack - low-fat and fat-free milk and milk products, fruits, vegetables and whole grains AND being active for 60 minutes daily.

Extra charges of 58 cents/round trip mile apply for offsite labs.






     1st - 12th grade

     1.5 hour labs


Hurray for Whole Grains

Focus on Fruits and Vegetables

Building Better Bones

Cutting Back on Fats and Sugars

Nutrition Labs

Healthy living involves many aspects of our lives.  Nutrition to name one, has a huge impact on our health and Lab Rat Academy would like to train up your children to live long and healthy lives. 

Fun, hands-on and interactive activities help students learn how to be and stay healthy.