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Currently serving in Monterey Bay Area and Sacramento/Yolo Counties

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Astronomy 1

     3rd grade and up

     1.5 hour labs

Astronomy 2

     3rd grade and up

     1.5 hour labs




Our Solar System

Earth's Rotation and Revolution

Lunar Phases

Lunar and Solar Eclipses

The Mighty Sun 

Constellations and Comets

Season's Activity

Lab Rat Academy invites your students to explore exciting questions such as why the moon appears to change shape, how a rocket works, and why solar eclipses occur. In this experiential way, your child can increase and deepen his or her academic understanding of this topic.

Astronomy Labs

The sun, moon, and stars have intrigued humankind for thousands of years. Lab Rat Academy's Astronomy labs turn student's celestial fascination into a series of hands-on experiments for children, in order to teach them a basic knowledge of astronomy and space exploration.