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Grades: 1st grade through 12th grade
Materials:  Provided for by Lab Rat Academy.  A-G Science materials provided by
Quality Science Labs.
Safety: Aprons and gloves provided for anatomy labs.
Basic Tuition: $140/four week course or $35/each individual lab 
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ABOUT Lab Rat Academy

Teaching the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic is hard enough, but to get into the nitty-gritty details of science sometimes goes beyond what homeschooling parents have time, knowledge or materials for. Lab Rat Academy takes on the task of piquing your student's interest in the deeper subjects of science that will give them the base for maybe someday finding the cure for cancer.


Lab Rat Academy is a vendor for the following charter schools in your area:

     Cottonwood Charter School -

     Horizon Charter School -

     Monarch River Charter School

     Ocean Grove Charter

     Pacific Charter

     Sequoia Grover Charter School -

     Sky Mountain Charter School

     South Sutter Charter School -

     Visions in Education -  

​     Vista Oaks Charter School -

​     Yosemite Valley Charter School -

Contact your teacher at your charter school before registering for any Lab Rat Academy labs.  If you are enrolled with a charter school that is not on our list, refer our name to your school and have them send us a vendor application form. 

I currently have more than a decade of teaching experience in a variety of capacities. From pre-school teaching to career development of college graduates, I have run the spectrum in education.

Degrees and Certification:

  • BS Wildlife Biology - UC Davis
  • MA Teaching - William Jessup University
  • Multiple Subject Teaching Credential - William Jessup University
  • Single Subject Teaching Credential in Science - Brandman University 




Lab Rat Academy originated from a vision from a home school mom looking for educational resources for middle and high school students.  It was brought to my attention that there were no science related educational resources in the local community that offered assistance in teaching in-depth, hands-on science classes.  I am grateful to God and Valerie for their help in starting up Lab Rat Academy in which I do what I love... working with kids and science.

Serving the Private and Home School Communities since 2010

Currently serving in Monterey Bay Area and Sacramento/Yolo Counties


Lab Rat Academy is currently collaborating with the following homeschooling groups in your area.

Contact us to see how Lab Rat Academy can meet the needs of your organization.