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a-g BIOLOGY 9th - 12th NGSS Biology

Standard Biology
36 hours/year

20 hours/year

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a-g CHEMISTRY 10th - 12th 2nd Edition Chemistry

Standard Chemistry
36 hours/year

16 hours/year

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a-g PHYSICS 9th - 12th Standard Physics

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a-g EARTH SCIENCE 9th - 12th NGSS Earth and Space Science

Standard Earth Science
36 hours/year

16 hours/year

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  • These labs only complete the supplemental "wet-lab" requirement for these courses, not the textbook requirements.
  • Lab Rat Academy is NOT an accredited school.  You must have an accredited school (charter school) give you credit for taking these courses.  Please contact your school to ensure that they will give your student credit for these labs.
  • For more information on A-G requirements go to
  • All A-G course material and manuals are purchased through Quality Science Labs. Click on the details for each lab for more information.
  • Extra charges apply for single student labs.  
  • 57.5 cents/round trip mile apply for offsite labs.
  • Please contact us for more accurate pricing.


In an attempt to fulfill the UCOP requirements of the California Universities, Lab Rat Academy offers several options for a-g science wet labs.  Below is a list of the options that are available.  Check our calendars to see if any labs are currently being offered, or call us to arrange an A-G Science Wet Lab that meets your needs.

A-G High School Labs

Lab Rat Academy offers A-G Science Wet Labs for high school students preparing to attend college in California.  The goal of the "A-G" subject requirement is to make sure that your student can participate fully in their first year of college.  Our High School Science Labs help you meet the wet lab requirements.  As a college freshmen your student will need to have a minimum of one year preparation in each of at least two of the areas of Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Earth Science for UC and CSU campuses.